Practice Fields

Practices for the Spring 2019 season are held throughout the week for each division and may vary between fields. Practice times and locations vary and will depend on coaches. Please check with your manager or coaches for practice times.

Park Maintenance
For mowing, watering, restroom cleanliness, swimming pool, tree trimming, playing fields, parking, etc., handled by the Park Maintenance and Recreation Services Division, Department of Parks and Recreation, call:

  • Leeward Oahu District 3 Office (Pearl City to Waianae, including Ewa Beach to Wahiawa) at (808) 675-6030 / (808) 675-7130;
  • Reid Tamashiro (Manana Community Park Supervisor) at (808) 453-7527

For the most up to date C&C of Honolulu contact info, please visit