Send out your team invites

Coaches, now that you’ve registered your team, the next step is to send out your team invites to those on your roster. By doing it this way, there’s no need for you to hustle and hunt for birth certificates and waiver forms. It’ll be all managed right on the site. Depending on the program/event’s required documents, let your parents know to have a digital copy (photo, scan, or pdf) of their child’s birth certificate and medical insurance card

If you’d like to physically collect birth certificates, medical insurance cards, and signatures, you can still do so by using the correct event/program PDF, found on our Resources and Documents page.

Time needed: 4 minutes.

  1. Visit and go to the LOGIN page.

  2. Log in with your credentials, if needed.

  3. Once logged in, go to your Account settings.

  4. Go to the VOLUNTEER section, and you should see your team registration. Click on Manage Invites.

  5. Populate the To: field with your player email addresses in the Invite Players section. You may also invite your Assistant Coaches by adding their email addresses in the Invite Team Staff section. Click on Send Invite.